Here are two books written by Sandra to help you achieve and maintain high performance in all aspects of your life. There are also some downloadable templates and action planning worksheets that accompany each publication.

The Evergreen Executive

How to keep going and keep growing as a leader

If you are finding leadership harder than you thought it would be, you’ve recently been given more responsibility, or you simply want to take your leadership skills to the next level, this book will help you develop a more systematic approach.

When you understand and master the seven key areas of The Evergreen Executive, you’ll tap into more energy, achieve greater results, become the role model your people need, and build a reputation for excellence.


Downloadable Templates

Strategic Plan On A Page

Stakeholder Mapping And Health Check

Monthly Dashboard

Your Evergreen Executive Dashboard

Own It

Regain control and live life on your terms

If you want to make positive changes in your professional or personal life this book is for you.

You may be at a career crossroads, lacking direction, struggling in a new job, or wanting to make a change. Perhaps you’re getting fantastic results but know you could do better. Or maybe you lead others who are facing challenges and you want a simple approach to help and inspire them.

Own It will introduce you to Sandra Webber’s simple, yet powerful, 4-step GAME framework which will give you the power to set big goals, maintain motivation and take consistent action.


Downloadable Templates

The GAME Plan Booklet

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