Contact me to schedule your initial consultation. There is a waiting list which is usually no more than a few weeks. Occasionally I am able to meet within 24-48 hours so if you need to talk to me urgently, do let me know and I will find a way to meet you ASAP.

I work Mondays to Fridays.

Please call on 07778 217962 or email ( I will always reply within 24 hours)

Your Consultation

To arrange an initial meeting, you can either fill in this form or ring me on 07778 217962. This is a free consultation; simply to find out if we are a good fit to work together! Face-to-Face consultations and further sessions will be held either in Bristol, Central London or Palma Majorca. If non of these locations are suitable then coaching will take place using Skype.

Flexible Schedule

I know exactly how busy life gets! So just let me know what time suits you best and I will ensure our meeting works for you.

Fully Confidential

Your privacy is hugely important to me. Our sessions, including the consultation, will always remain confidential.