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Executive coaching

I work with business people who are keen to self fund their own development or alongside organisations who are willing to sponsor individual or team coaching support. In both scenarios I coach people to achieve their full potential in their working life by providing extra external challenge and support.

Career coaching

Coaching will help you improve your performance and heighten your levels of enjoyment, either in your current role or through a career change.

Personal coaching

Committing to lifelong personal development is a prerequisite for highly successful individuals – in whatever form success takes for each person. I work with clients to cultivate and develop this mentality, and support them in any challenges they may face.

Why work with me?

WindowSimply put, I help people identify their goals and guide them through the steps required to make changes necessary and achieve the unbelievable. I have done this for myself, for my many clients, and this is what I will do for you, too. I have a wealth of over 30 years experience across a variety of industries, as well as a highly recognised level of formal certification for coaching. Through three decades of this work, I have learnt to truly empower my clients to live the life they dream of. Not only will you achieve your goals, we will accelerate the speed at which you do so.

I will create an individually tailored package just for you. By designing a programme to suit your unique characteristics, we pave the way for the best outcome possible. I will help grow your confidence in bringing your ideas to life, both in your personal and professional lives. My pragmatic support and high energy encouragement will help you on your journey.

Why will we make such a great team, I hear you say? For one simple reason: I am passionate about personal development and growth. More than that, it is my life! Both personally and professionally. This passion is instilled in my clients, all of whom experience and witness the countless benefits and lifestyle changes resulting from my work with them.

If you aren’t growing you are going backwards and falling behind! That isn’t something I want for myself, nor for you, which is where my passion for learning and advancement comes from. Life is about growth, not perfection. If you want to grow, you must learn to step outside your comfort zone. I am committed to help you do that. I will help you achieve what you once believed was unattainable.

Why not give me a call for a quick chat? I would love to hear from you and embark on the next chapter of your life with you. Phone 07778 217962 or email me sandra@sandrawebbercoaching.com



“...she kept me focused and gave me confidence to take actions that personally helped me to move forward in my life.”
NicolaHR Professional
"Working with Sandra has helped me become more confident in my leadership of my Sales and Marketing team..."
RobSales & Marketing Manager
"...My coach was amazing, friendly, honest and realistic. Believing in me until I could believe in myself."
LizSocial Worker


Your Consultation

To arrange an initial meeting, you can either fill in this form, email me using sandra@sandrawebbercoaching.com or ring me on 07778 217962. This is a free consultation; simply to find out if we are a good fit to work together and establish if I am the best coach to help you work towards your unique goals. Consultations and coaching sessions can either be held virtually or face-to-face at my offices in North Bristol.

Flexible Schedule

I know exactly how busy life gets! So just let me know what time suits you best and I will ensure our meeting works for you.

Fully Confidential

Your privacy is hugely important to me. Our sessions, including the consultation, will always remain confidential.