"Sandra has been coaching me in regard to a career shift following a period of illness and I have found her methods incredibly positive and insightful; not only have they given me an opportunity to think more astutely about my skills and experience in a broader perspective, but she has provided me with a means to gain far greater clarity about myself and my goals. Sandra has a shrewd ability to instil a sense of understanding and lucidity which to date had proved elusive. The answers to many of my questions and a sense of understanding was derived through a sharp increase in my confidence, positivity and self-awareness. Sandra's ability to achieve results is to me in no doubt as a result of her genuine desire for her clients to do well and grow as people - this was, in my case at least, borne out by the incredibly positive outcomes reached when I took her advice on board. I have recommended her to several friends and her continued interest in my situation is testament to her commitment to her clients."
Jamie BFinancial Consultant
"When I first contacted Sandra, I had been struggling with difficulties within my business and their impact on my personal life and morale for about 18 months. I could see and feel that I needed help but didn’t quite know where to get it from as the work and personal issues were so interconnected. The fact that Sandra, clearly advertised her ability to deal with both areas, was very important to me. I had met 3 other possible coaches before her and started to think this might not be the right path for me. Yet within 5 minutes of exchanging with her, I knew she would be the right person. She exudes positive energy and her practical, down to earth approach is great. Each of our meetings leave me buzzing with energy and renewed clarity. Working with Sandra has been one of the best investment I ever made and I am so glad I decided to work with her. 9 months on, I have started to redevelop my business in a new direction, that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to even explore before. I feel, and from what people around me tell me I look like, I have taken charge of my destiny again. There is no doubt in my mind that Sandra’s guidance, advice and support have been instrumental in making these positive changes".
AstridBusiness Development Consultant
"Sandra has provided excellent guidance and mentoring through some exciting and challenging times. By providing support where needed and a fresh and clear approach when dealing with several challenging situations, I have grown as a manager and a leader in my working environment. Coaching has improved my working performance and I have been able to adjust my approach, when dealing with several potentially volatile situations in a calm and professional manner, with a positive outcome. Through improving my understanding of my own and others personality traits I have become more productive and comfortable in a variety of different circumstances. The coaching I have had has stood me in a position, and Sandras ability to provide the right support, direction and knowledge all at the right time has been immensely valuable."
MartynLeisure Centre Manager
"Your support has been so helpful during a very difficult period of my life. Thank you for all your listening. You have a very positive way and I enjoyed you gently challenging me and make me think. I believe that many things I have learned with you will continue to be very helpful in my professional and personal life."
"I contacted Sandra for some coaching for several reasons. I'd read her book and been reminded of some things that I used to know but had got lazy about putting into practice everyday. I'd also been in my job for 5 years and wasn't sure if I wanted a change or just to raise my performance level where I was. The sessions were very well structured and helped me get to the core issues very quickly. Once I'd established that staying in my current role was what I wanted, we quickly agreed what was needed to make it more rewarding. We also looked at life outside work and what was needed to improve that too. Sandra was great at holding me to account, helping me find solutions to perceived difficulties and keeping me motivated as I worked through the process. My team and my manager have all noticed the difference in my performance and I can honestly say, it has been well worth the hard work. Working with Sandra was a privilege. She has a wealth of practical and relevant experience to draw on and has a great tool kit of helpful models and strategies she employs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."
AngelaFinance Director
"I took the decision to sign up for a course of coaching when I was stuck in a very deep rut with my business. Sandra is very skilled at asking the right questions to help you understand what is really important and then helps you to come up with a clear plan which is then broken down into actionable steps. These are then reviewed at every meeting to make sure you stay on track. It is of course a big investment for me as a small business but since working with Sandra I have seen my turnover more than double and made some brave decisions that have really paid off. Thanks Sandra!”
LouSmall Business Owner
"As a newly trained coach , when I met Sandra, I was struggling to articulate who I was, what sort of coach I wanted to be and how I could translate that into a brand. All I knew was that I wanted my business to reflect the authentic me but from that first meeting, Sandra really unlocked some of the perceptions and self limiting beliefs that had been holding me back and when I left I had a very clear action plan as well as some insightful 'ah ha' reflections about me! Several sessions later and although its early days, I am now confident and clear about where my business is going and what I am aiming for and Sandra continues to support me as I progress along that journey. If you are thinking about coaching then she is an amazingly positive person with an infectious zest for action that even today, continues to keep me accountable and motivated to achieve my dream. I simply could not have done it without her and am extremely grateful for the support, guidance, confidence to move forward and direction that she has given me."
SamPersonal Growth Coach
" I came to Sandra in a very confused state about what to do next in my career, and I felt very stuck. She worked with me to help identify the options I had, what I would most enjoy and put it into a clear plan. She also supported me through some ups and downs along the way! I am now firmly on a path to achieving my goals, which is a a great feeling. I highly recommend Sandra as a coach. "
AnonSenior Vice President - Insurance Company
"When I first decided to get a professional life coach, I really didn’t know what I wanted out of it and what the results would be. I had a major life change and went back to university as a mature student. I felt I had focused on raising my children and my husband for so long that my career was left behind, I didn’t compare to others my age. I felt even after my degree I didn’t have the knowledge and experience to compete at the levels I wanted to apply for. Sandra was amazing and pointed out that everyone is at their own pace and it is never too late to start new. She gave me the confidence and the encouragement to face new challenges and demand more from myself I pushed myself and worked hard, I finally had the courage to apply for jobs that I deserved and now I am in a company that I feel respected and appreciated. I am so glad I finally took this leap into the unknown and had the support to become the person I knew was within. I would recommend Sandra to anyone that is looking to start over or just need a boost to find your way again."
ValIT Professional
"I have worked with Sandra for several months now. It has been a very positive and enjoyable experience. Sandra is able to skilfully combine the art of listening and then challenging you to act, but in a gentle and supportive way. She combines the business focused performance coaching role with the life coaching/wellness elements to create a perfect balance"
AnonChartered Surveyor
"I was put in touch with Sandra at a time when I needed that extra bit of guidance for my job hunt. At a relatively early stage of my career I felt I was being pigeonholed, resenting my job and losing morale, it was impacting areas of my personal life. The techniques that Sandra used helped me understand what I wanted out of a company and role. She helped me really target those which would be the best fit for me in a practical approach. We were able to change my approach to the job hunt, re-write my CV and applications and regain my confidence. I came out of each of our calls knowing more about myself and feeling much more positive. I have found a great role with a fantastic company in a completely new industry. Sandra helped me to build myself back and I think this has extended into all parts of my life. As my career progresses, I am sure I will be back for more coaching."
AnonGIS Analyst
"I have worked with Sandra, as a coach to members of my team, for the past 12 months. If I was to be asked: "Why should someone choose her to coach them or their colleagues?" ..... my answer would be "Because she gets results." She has worked with a number of my direct report managers and helped them to make positive career decisions. I believe that the step change in performance and development of one particular person was directly impacted by Sandra's interventions. She has a time-bounded approach: ideal for everyone to know clearly where they are and what the coaching will entail. She also charges very reasonable fees."
GeraldineHead of HR ( Top 10 Accountancy Firm)
"Sandra is a formidable coach that has truly made a huge difference to many aspects of my own life. .Most importantly Sandra has got me thinking about things from a completely new perspective and has a formidable knack of "getting the penny to drop". If you are looking for a high quality coach that pushes you to the limit through a well regarded motivational approach that leaves no stone unturned then Sandra is very much the coach for you. For those individuals that like to remain within their comfort zone then I would look elsewhere but if becoming "comfortable with the uncomfortable" and adopting that 2 percent mindset that stretches and gets you to grow beyond your widest expectations then I personally would look no further. The sessions are great and really get you to exercise that mental muscle of the brain. I now have a much clearer outlook especially with regards to my business and the direction that I now wish to take. As a consequence I have been chosen as only 1 of 6 coaches selected onto a Business Mentoring Programme out of a pool of 600+. This would never have happened had I not had the sessions with Sandra and made the business more aligned to my strengths, drive and passion. Sandra is a coach that really makes things happen. With thanks"
Ian Guyah-LowCompany Director IGLOW Performance
"I have worked with Sandra for around three years, mainly to facilitate my own development and that of my team. Sandra is inspiring, energetic and has a genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals and overcome obstacles. I feel much more able to handle a variety of situations, can more easily identify patterns and I have grown in confidence and ability, as a result. I always look forward to my time with Sandra, as I never fail to come away with a selection of ideas, motivation and solutions to some of the challenges I encounter. I would recommend that everyone has a Sandra in their professional life!"
JoPet Care Plan Operations Manager – UK
"Sandra's coaching was enormously beneficial to me during the early stages of a career transition, following a career of over 10 years. Working with Sandra in preparing the ground allowed me the confidence to take the opportunity, space and time to contemplate, try out new things and truly explore where I wanted to go next. Sandra has a great ability to enable exploration and discovery while remaining focused on taking definite steps towards achievable goals. Sandra can comfortably bring her wealth of leadership experience and knowledge to the table where it will provide useful insight. Time with Sandra is always warm, engaging and productive and I would highly recommend Sandra as a coach."
NicolaChange Agent and Coach
"Sandra has been my coach for the past few months and the result has been incredible. Sessions with Sandra have helped me bring more clarity into the direction I wanted in life, identify priorities and define manageable steps to achieve my goals. I like her approach to coaching which makes me question my deepest doubts and fears and come up with unexpected answers and decisions. It’s been a pleasure working with Sandra and I would definitely recommend her as a coach who can challenge you. on the way to success."
OlgaBusiness Analyst Banking (High Street Bank)
"I have worked with Sandra for about 6 years, in that time she has helped me develop my skills as a leader and a manager. With her vast network of contact she matched me with a fantastic mentor who helped me develop a solid 5 year plan for my department. She is also a great sounding board for ideas, particularly in the area of employee development."
Rob SSupply Chain Manager
“Sandra coaches each of our team leaders and runs regular high performance workshops which every member of staff attends. She has been my personal coach for the last 5 years and has helped me obtain the skills I need to grow the business."
TanyaDirector and Chief Operating Officer IT Software Solution Business
“The sessions provided the space to clarify what I wanted my future to look like and formulate an action plan to achieve it. My confidence has grown and I am now at the stage of making the transition that I always wanted but without this support could not achieve. My coach was amazing, friendly, honest and realistic. Believing in me until I could believe in myself.”
LizSocial Worker
“Working with Sandra has helped me become more confident in my leadership of my Sales & Marketing team. It has helped my create a high performing team culture and manage a diverse set of strong personalities.”
RobSales & Marketing Manager Manufacturing
“Sandra is an amazing coach. She kept me focused and gave me confidence to take actions that personally helped me to move forward in my life.”
“In just four sessions Sandra helped me is so many ways, I can never express my gratitude enough.”
EmployeeAccountancy Firm